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*puts a ‘grape job’ sticker on your big butt*

TUMBLR FRIENDS: Those last two pages might look icky cus I had to stitch them together for this update due to the 10 page limit. Just view the image by itself in a new tab and you will see it in its good glory. Or go to the main site and read it! whichever, the power is yours.


I said two more updates, but to hell with it, this is the rest of the GQ part 5 right now! ALL OF IT! That was the end of that part. Next time we visit GQ we will finish this story. UNTIL THEN, I’m going to take a break! Just for next week. Kool Off a bit, then come back with some jokes and one-offs the next week after that on the 28th. Just askin for a week! And don’t forget the good shit over at the store. Thank you!!

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If you’re “not all like that”, please call out the people in your particular group or movement who are just like that, rather than snapping at the people who do it for you.

If you have the energy to spend chewing out people who have been victimized by your group directly or indirectly, you should spend it on fixing that shit, or acknowledge that you yourself are probably just like that.

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hahahahhahahahaha imagine if operation pitfall doesn’t work and they’re all just there in horror and newt and hermann go down to the lab and newt just puts on some quiet old record because what better is there to die to and he asks hermann to dance because fuck, theyr’e gonna die anyway and he quietly sings to him while they sway, him taking the lead because he doesn’t want hermann to hurt his leg

im imagining the song to be ‘i can’t help falling in love with you’ and it cuts off abruptly right before the end as the kaiju rips through the metal of the shatterdome and destroys their world

Static crackling. Screaming.

Pentecost is gone.

Chuck is gone.

Raleigh is gone.

Mako is gone.

Everyone’s last hope are all gone and dead, destroyed by the category V kaiju that they were so very hoping would not even show.  Hoping they would take down.  They were praying for a victory only to be met with defeat.  Praying for life, only to be met with death.  Faces fall.  Eyes spill tears and quiet sobs of the people of the Shatter Dome echo.  Everyone’s too scared to wail.  To much in denial.

Now is the time to grieve.  

Hermann turns and walks away, muttering “I was right..” 

Newt does a double take, watching the screen with Tendo to see Hermann walking, and back to the screen hoping there would be some other signal than the three kaiju.  There was none.  He stands up, back straightened and turns, walking away with Hermann and down into the lab.  

There is no more research to be done.  No more mathematics.  All their time bickering and fighting has gone to waste since death was so nearly upon them.  Hermann sat in a chair close to Newt, chewing on fingernails and jittering his leg up and down, anticipating for when their judgement will come.  Newt had his forehead pressed into his hands, waiting for the same thing- that is until he jumped up.  ”No, I’m not just gonna sit here and let them take me like this.  Come on, Hermann, let’s do something nice before we die.” his nerves were clearly getting the best of him.

"What exactly do you have in mind, Newton?" he asks, looking up at him.  His expression is not of scorn or disdain but fear.  Curiosity.  It would be a godsend to take his mind off of it.  

He searches around his file cabinet of records- things that he kept in case he needed to relax for a bit and they have helped in the past.  He finds Elvis, deciding that a softer and easier song would be better to soothe the nerves.  He sets it up in the player and is met with a piano, bass, and soft percussion.

Wise men say… Only fools rush in…”

He walks over to his lab partner in his chair and holds his hand out to him.  ”Wanna dance with me?”  

Hermann’s shoulders slack, a weak smile appearing on his lips.  ”I would love to.” he takes his hand and they get into position, Newt’s hands on his waist and Hermann’s hands upon shoulders.  An intimate way of dancing, yet they don’t even question it.  They merely fit into this position.  They dance and sway, relaxing in the other’s embrace.  

"I’m sorry, Hermann" Newt murmurs, not entirely sure what he’s sorry about.  Sorry for their situation.  Sorry for everything. 

"Hush down now… Now is not the time for apologies. Let’s just.. Enjoy this, yes?" Hermann answers, leaning his nose into Newt’s hair, needed some form of comfort.  

"Yeah.." he replies.  They sigh, beginning to grip onto each other for nerves, to remind each other that they were real.  That they were still here.  So many things were unsaid in that moment, but it was understood.  Understood in the way they held each other. As they breathed the other into themselves.   

"I can’t help.. Falling in love.. With—”

And they were gone. 

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samanthaisnotcreative asked: Please can you upload another episode of sjintech space rescue soon. I'm really loving the series. (I don't mean to come off as rude so sorry if it seems that way) :)


it’s kinda melding into a new series… with Lewis!

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