Haha wow I actually made an account

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so i finally got to ep 72 of moonquest. felt so proud of lewis for having remembered the fire starter..! ;u;

then they got out of the portal and i realized this must have been how/why they got stranded miles away from home

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calling it now, when kim takes that splint off her hand is gonna be all purple and weird underneath

yogscastkimbox said: I did text Duncan yesterday with a photo of the purple bruise, and I said it looked like IRL flux

(also that’s her real hand man dont be mean)

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i mean even hannahs owl stuff stems from the fact that she played as a druid who specced into balance and was always playin as a moonkin

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look if u havent played wow i dont think you can TRULY comprehend how nerdy the yogscast is

as someone who played wow; confirm.