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DM: It is now morning and you wake. What do you do?

PC: immediately I check my stuff to see if the Rogue stole anything.

DM: You find that you must have misplaced 5 gold pieces.

PC: Eh, kinda deserve it.

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I saw this on my twitter timeline …
Just let this sink in please ….

not to deter from this in any way but to my knowledge Holmes wasn’t in a costume but actually equipped with very real bullet proof vests and the like that appeared to be police equipment. All evidence of which pointed to him having intended to have a confrontation with the police when they showed up but he had a change of heart and turned himself in?

Which makes it worse honestly.

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purplebandannaguy asked: what if ridge and bebop were doing it and when ridge went in bebop made the "usb device connected" noise


im leaving the fandom

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"gee, that’s a nice set of legs―"
don’t sAY IT―”
what time do they open?”

it’s my dear girlfriend iacon-lamppost's birthday!!!!!! to celebrate you and your impeccable taste, i have here for you the Bad Porn Line Tailgate and Blushing Bara Cyclonus you never asked for. im so sorry. have a good one, buddy (._.)

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